EezyFood - UberEats Clone

This highly demanded prestigious product of ours will promise you an immaculate food delivery process you’ve never experienced before! Be prepared to get an overwhelming customer satisfaction by giving them a whole new breezy process with food ordering. Get ready to witness a surge in your business growth with EezyFood!



EezyFood platform gives you the versatility that brings in more customer than you could image!!
Partner with EezyFood today and experience the never like before customer satisfaction!!



EezyFood platform gives you the versatility that brings in more customer than you could image!!
Partner with EezyFood today and experience the never like before customer satisfaction!!

<h4>EezyFood platform gives you the versatility that brings in more customer than you could image!!
Partner with EezyFood today and experience the never like before customer satisfaction!!</h4>

How EezyFood Works ?

Why EezyFood for your Business ?

100% Source Code

100% Customizable as per your Business Models

24/7 Customer Support

Recent Technology Stack

Suitable for all Delivery Business Model

Why EezyFood for your Business ?

100% Source Code
100% Customizable as per your Business Models
24 / 7 Customer Support
Recent Technology Stack
Suitable for all Delivery Business Model

Let's Work Together To Achieve Your Business Goals

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Let's Work Together To Achieve Your Business Goals

Let's Work Together To Achieve
Your Business Goals


EezyFood is an awesome solution to facilitate the online food ordering process. This bundle has separate panels for Admin, Customers, Restaurant Owners, and Delivery Executives/Drivers making EezyFood stand unique.


Highlighting the Features of EezyFood for You


Can perform login with a mobile number or Gmail account or an OTP sent to the user's registered phone number. Allow your users to enter the platform without hesitation by providing them with their phone numbers and email address.

Search Available Restaurant

The complete list of nearby available restaurants is displayed based on the user's location to receive fast delivery.

Browse Menu

The user can then browse the restaurant's menu and place an order after choosing the restaurant.

Search By Categories

Please choose an item or items from the category and its subcategories as distributed by outlets.

Add To Cart

Add selected items to the cart using the provided option for add/remove item quantity.

Delivery / Pickup

Customers can either request for a delivery or can chose pick up at restaurant with a particular time.

Schedule Orders

Create a sense of accuracy by allowing customers to schedule their orders at their comfort.

Location Update

Eaters can save their work, home address, and many addresses, so they don't have to type them in any time they want to order.


Eaters can pay for their orders with a credit card, debit card, bank transfer, or COD. Before placing an order, they may choose their preferred payment method.


The eaters can estimate the arrival time and wait to taste the food at their doorsteps.

My Orders

See all completed, rejected, and waiting for an approval order list with details of the total amount, outlets, and name of products.

Reviews & Ratings

The customers can get the idea of the quality of food and service provided by the food store; from the rating section. It includes all the ratings, feedback, and reviews given by the customer.

Real Time Updates

Eaters will receive real-time updates on the status of their orders. It allows eaters to get the most up-to-date information on their orders as well as their estimated time of arrival.


Eaters can choose between English, Spanish, French, Indonesian, Japanese, and Russian in the multi-language feature.

Available in Web App / Mobile App:

Eaters can use the Restaurant Web App or Mobile App on Android and iOS and other phone platforms and tablets.

Master Dashboard

The admins can manage the food delivery platform seamlessly because they have a 360-degree view of everything that is going on.

Client Management

Get all the information about the diners, such as their name, email address, the date of joining the platform. As a platform owner, you can delete the user from the platform.

Driver Management

Get all the details of the drivers, such as their name, email address, date of joining, and Acceptance Ratings from the dashboard. An admin has the right to remove a driver from its platform.

Restaurant Management

Find more data about the restaurant on your dashboards like the Restaurant name, logo, owner's name, owner email, creation date, and restaurant status (active or inactive). The platform owner can set the status of restaurant detail as Approve, Decline, or Pending. Admin can permit or ban their service from the platform. (Login as an edit option)

Cuisine Management

Add multiple cuisine categories on your platform to make it easy for restaurant owners to categorize their menus.

Order Management

View the details of each booking on the platform, such as the diner name, delivery person, order status, payment type, and the order amount.

Financial Management

Admin is recognized for retrieving transactional information such as total earnings and profits and comparing it to various possible business parameters.

Manage Notifications

Admin can easily create notifications for dispatched orders, new orders, completed orders, or canceled orders.

Advanced Analytics

The administrator has access to critical insights derived from reports on customer activity, engagement patterns, order status, financial performance, and so on.

Multiple Store Management

You can run and manage multiple food stores effortlessly from a single place.

Ads Management

Admin can add animated banners on the main page, which will showcase your promoted items, offers, and partner stores that can help you to generate more sales.

Reviews & Feedback Management

Admin can check the reviews, ratings, and feedback from customers and get the idea of your service's strong and weak points.

SMS & Mail

Admin can set and design an SMS & Email template and send it to a particular user or all users.


Admin can choose a language out of English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Indonesian, and Japanese. This feature allows the admin to select a language that is convenient for them.

Add Cities

Add multiple Cities and manage city details like city code, radius, time zone, latitude, and decide to serve/stop services in any city.

Manage Coverage Area

You can set your delivery coverage area according to your local requirement.


You can use the Restaurant Web or Mobile App on Android and iOS and other phone platforms and tablets.

Manage Drivers

You can manage drivers to deliver orders to the customer's address.

Create your Own Menu

The hotelier can add their food menu by adding the category name, item name, dish description, and hours of operation.

Order Management

They can accept or decline orders based on food availability or restaurant operating hours. They can also notify diners about the status of orders, such as the number of orders received, processed, dispatched, canceled, etc., are displayed with immersive clarity.

Operating Hours

Restaurant owners have complete control over their business's hours of operation. They can provide a standard schedule that applies to all days.

Preparation Time

In their web panel, restaurant owners can set their food preparation time.


Restaurant Owners can view the monthly orders, monthly sales volume, number of items, and visitors. *sales value and total order in graph*


Restaurants should print receipts for completed orders so that they have a hard copy for accounting purposes.


The restaurant owners have a choice to choose a language to use the web panel.

Menu Management

Can quickly and easily edit, add, or remove cuisines and dishes from the main menu. The prices can also be updated when needed.

Order Alerts

The restaurant owner can receive alerts for new customer orders with the bell sound.

Customer Details

From this feature, he can get to know more about the service seekers and their location.

System Settings

Update, edit and add restaurant information or set relevant details like the logo, description, address, or banner.


Using our MENU BUILDER, you can add any kind of add-on or combination to your menus, such as side dishes or other foods that are exclusive to your offering.

Manage Table Booking

Quickly view the details of all your table booking requests and confirm each one.


You can use the Restaurant Web or Mobile App on Android and iOS and other phone platforms and tablets.

Inventory Management

Can reduce traffic and conversion rates because restaurant managers can instantly update the availability of food products.

Login / Register / Social Login

Outlet vendors can Signup/Login instantly using their social media or username/phone number and password.

Max Item Quantity

Store vendors can set a max limit to add quantity for any particular item by the customers.

Sign-Up For Delivery Guys

You can remotely handle the delivery men, including the Driver Team, from the backend. After downloading the app to their mobile, your drivers will sign up right away.

All Driver Data

View all of your drivers' information in one location, including their status, car, and other details.

Manage Tasks With Ease

The Driver Backend includes all of the assignment information for all of the drivers. By looking at the tables and charts, these roles can be delegated to drivers manually or automatically.

Auto Assignment

Due to their proximity to the point of delivery, drivers may have their tasks allocated automatically through notification or direct task contact with affected drivers.


This gives you the power of sight, allowing you to see all of your delivery guys and their assignments on a map in real time. This function lets you know which drivers are available and which are not, as shown by the on/off icons. Your restaurant's delivery service would benefit from the ability to see all drivers and their current status in real time.

Historical Data

The framework allows you to look back on your previous activities and helps you project and schedule your activities for the days ahead. You can keep track of recent events and examine each route individually.


You can run various reports from the app's main operation areas, such as tasks assigned, the system, and the delivery team, and so on.


Everyone on the network has access to real-time notifications, which can be delivered via SMS, email, or push notifications to keep all channels active and performing.


This app is compatible with a variety of devices, including Android, iOS, and other phones and tablets.

Instant Tasks

Each stakeholder will receive their tasks either automatically or manually via push notifications in their various apps.

Task Management

Each customer, including the delivery drivers, has the ability to handle their tasks. They have the ability to accept, deny, and upgrade tasks as needed. The real-time device functionality can be used to check their current position.

Delivery Proof

When orders are fulfilled, the customer may sign off and check the current delivery status. This frees up the driver for another job, and sales and management are informed that the transactions are complete.

Accept / Reject Order Request

Whenever an order is placed by a customer, it is auto-assigned to the nearest delivery guy. The delivery guy has the full right to either accept or reject the order request.

Order History or Log

With this feature, the delivery guy can view his past completed orders along with the date and other related information.

Call or Chat

If the delivery guy is not able to locate the delivery address, he may use this feature to call the customer or chat with him to get directions.

GPS Tracking

With the help of GPS tracking, the delivery guy can locate the exact destination where the order has to be delivered.

Document Submission

It allows the driver to upload all the necessary documents such as driving license, insurance, and other legal documents for the verification process. This feature allows verified drivers to use the platform.

Profile Management

This section allows drivers to edit their profile details on the platform, such as their name, email address, phone number, and location.

Online / Offline Mode

The Driver can go offline or online by a single click. The driver receives the delivery request only if they turn on the status.


The Driver can rate the diner as per their delivery experience on the EezyFood.


Through the Earnings tab, drivers view the earnings by week or month they made from the platform.

Order Management

The driver can view and manage the past and current orders in the order management section.


The preferred bonus choice is where drivers collect their earnings. As a payout option, they can add any number of bank account data.

Customer is our king and we highly value your direct feedback! Your satisfaction is extremely important to us and we’d love to know from you how we’re doing !! Looking forward to hearing from you ! That would greatly help us improvise!

Customer is our king and we highly value your direct feedback! Your satisfaction is extremely important to us and we’d love to know from you how we’re doing !! Looking forward to hearing from you ! That would greatly help us improvise!

Customer is our king and we highly value your direct feedback! Your satisfaction is extremely important to us and we’d love to know from you how we’re doing !! Looking forward to hearing from you ! That would greatly help us improvise!


Pricing & Plans

Check out the pricing that’s easily affordable and build a plan that best fits your business needs! You don’t have to break your bank yet!!

Choose from the various available plans and enhance your business in every step!




EezyFood Pro


One Time Fee
100% Source Code
One Time Payment
Technical Support
30 Days
60 Days
Free Installation
SSL Installation
Email Support
Free App Submission
Google Map Integration
Multiple Domain License
Google & App Store
Unlimited Users
Mobile & Web App
Android & IOS
(Only Android)
Digital Marketing Support
Support For Bugs & Issues
Super Admin
Master Dashboard
Driver Management
Client Management
Restaurant Management
Cuisine Manaement
Assign Driver
Accept or Reject Order
Review Management
Finance Reports
Add Cities
Dynamic Delivery Charges
Enable / Disable COD
Enable / Disable Multi Vendor
Email Management
Finance Management
Site Settings
Live Orders
Order History
Order Management
Detail Order History
Site Settings
Web Panel
Page Management
User Friendly Dashboard
Order Management
Order Summary Graph
Menu Management
Working Hours
Special Price
Preparation Time
Profile Management
Manage Reviews & Ratings
New Variants
Live Order
Order History
Maximum Order
Multiple Images
QR Code Generator
Finance Management
Detail Order History
Web Panel
Multiple Category Options
Item Status (Available / Unavailable)
Instant Notifications
Accept / Reject Orders
Detail Order History
Order Tracking
Advanced Search Filter
Easy To Manage Profile
Schedule Orders
Multi Payment Options
Pickup or Delivery Option
Login Manure
Estimated Arrival Time
Delivery / Pickup
Multi Lingual
Real Time Updates
Push Notifications
Multi Address
Reviews & Ratings
Web Panel
Detail Order History
Accept / Decline Order
Detailed Driver Earnings
Web Panel
Eagle Eye
Update Status
Google Map Navigation
GPS Tracking

Glorify your business with EezyFood!
Let’s collaborate and taste success together!!


EezyFood - A Multivendor Online Food Delivery Application

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How Can We Help You ?


    There is no encrypted file in the copy of your EezyFood. It gives you total freedom to customize it for your needs.

    We will keep on adding new features, improvising existing features, and fixing bugs, if any. As long as your free update is active, you can get a copy of EezyFood's latest version.

    Suppose you have modified/customized the source code and want to keep the existing data in the newer version. In that case, under customization, it will be considered, and there will be additional charges based on the required number of hours to get this done. Please get in touch with our team for more details.

    Yes, you can get the update based on the package that you purchased.

    You can hire our team on-demand and get in touch with our team for more details.

    • Help you with text changes
    • Help you with color changes
    • Help you with the static content translation (for a maximum of 3 languages and two iterations for each language)
    • Clarify your questions
    • Bug fixing (If it's critical, we will give you a time frame to fix it. Otherwise, we will include the fixes in our updates)
    • Issues in your local machine installation
    • Reinstallation of the script
    • Issues in Git due to not following the instruction
    • You/Your team handles the problems in modified code or customization

    EezyFood is a base platform that is 100% customizable to build any Sharing Economy Platform.

    However, we can't provide technical support once the source code files have been tampered with. (After the modification of the source code from your side).

    After the purchase, we will set up the script one time on your hosting server without additional cost. You may need to pay for other installations.

    We highly recommend AWS & DigitalOcean, and also it will work fine on any Ubuntu-based hosting servers.

    In DigitalOcean droplet for hosting, especially a $20/per month plan would be perfect.

    • Here is the minimum server requirement
    • Operating System - Ubuntu 18.04
    • Storage - 50GB (Should be expandable)
    • RAM - 4GB (Should be expandable)
    • SSH with root user access

    Note: The server should be plain.

    The server should not have any configurations like Apache, any Database, etc.

    We need just a fresh installation of Ubuntu 18.04.

    Can use a single domain license for only one business in a single domain. For example

    Use a multi-domain license for any number of businesses on multiple domains—for example,,, etc.

    We can proceed with Let's Encrypt SSL (Let's Encrypt is a free, automated renewal and open certificate authority).

    If you wish to install another SSL provider, there will be an additional charge per SSL installation.

    • Web admin panel/ landing page theme color and font changes
    • Web admin panel/landing page favicon changes
    • App package name / Bundle ID changes.
    • App name changes.
    • App icon changes.
    • App theme color changes.
    • Firebase Crashlytic and FCM integration.

    The static language files in the web and mobile apps render the static contents.

    The Dynamic contents are the inputs provided by the users/admin stored in the database (for example, Dietary type, vehicle category name, etc.).

    Free tech support covers the static content translation for a maximum of 3 languages(2 iterations for each language).

    • Operating System – Linux
    • Web Server – Apache
    • Database – MySQL
    • PHP – 7.3
    • Ability to Setup Cron Jobs

    Yes, the user has the option to track the orders that they have made.

    Yes, we have multiple payment options like cash, wallet, debit cards and credit cards.

    Yes, we have different login options for the user, restaurant, and delivery.

    Yes, We have an option available to rate and review both the restaurant and the delivery services.

    The restaurant has access to driver tracking. So it may help the restaurant to prepare the food accordingly.

    We designate a project leader who will coordinate with the client throughout the project and share respective updates every week. You can also track the status of your project through our CRM portal.

    Yes, we do employ the AGILE methodologies based on the project type and size.

    For an Android developer account, you will have to pay $25/Year For an Apple developer account, and you have to pay $99/Year.

    Feel free to contact us for any clarification over any mode of communication or visit us at

    With access to the app's complete source code, the admin can modify it even after the app launch. However, it is always preferable to contact our technical team to change it.

    Yes, users can provide their views or share their thoughts about the food they were delivered and the person who had it.

    You can expect to get the complete food app delivered to you within 4-6 months . However, if there are any reworks or additional features included amid the development process, it can take more time.

    It usually takes around 24 to 48 working hours to get the script deployed.